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Ukrainian Canadians Attend a Peaceful Rally to Support Ukraine

Amid the Russian military escalation along the Ukrainian border, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress decided to hold a peaceful rally in front of the Russian Consulate at St Clair Ave to support Ukrainians across the globe. Last Sunday, over two hundred Torontonians assembled with signs, flags, and posters to show their support for Ukrainians facing the crisis back home. Members of the Lithuanian, Belarussian, and Estonian communities were also present to advocate for peace and removal of Russian soldiers from the border. Chanting filled with passion and spirit could be heard from blocks away as demonstrators stood united and determined to make their demands heard. Yvan Baker, Member of Parliament for the Etobicoke Centre, rallied among the demonstrators and gave a speech condemning Russian military actions.

The third largest population of Ukrainians lives in Canada, preceded only by Russia and Ukraine itself. Numerous immigration waves across generations created a unique relationship between Canada and Ukraine. In recognition of this relationship, Canada has been helping Ukraine since 2014 by providing nonlethal weapons and military training. Last month, Canada provided Ukraine with a $120 million loan as well as nonlethal military aid.

I think it's really important that Canadians of all backgrounds are showing strong supports, they are coming here to say that Ukraine needs to be independent, that it needs to be sovereign, and that Russian aggression needs to stop" - Yvan Baker, Member of Parliament
I do believe that Russia's further aggression is not just a threat to Ukraine, it's a threat to Europe, it's a threat to the world, it's a threat to Canada and our security - Yvan Baker, Member of Parliament
If we're in Canada, we have to come out and use our democracy a hundred percent by organizing protests and showing up to protests like this, showing our support, writing to our MPs, using our democratic system to its full potential to achieve the results we want as Canadians" - Anonymous Demonstrator
"This has been going for way too long. Putin needs to stick to his own country and Ukraine needs its own freedom. That's why I'm here today, to support all of the Ukrainians back home and to make sure that they feel heard not just nationally, but also internationally" - Anonymous Demonstrator
"I'm Ukrainian myself and I just think it's important to show support, because everything that Putin is doing is insanely messed up. Before all this happened Russia and Ukraine were like a brother and sister" - Anonymous Demonstrator

"The Ukrainian community will stand together from coast to coast, and we will show Canada how strong support for Ukraine is!" - Ukrainian Canadian Congress

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